A single incidence of sexual harassment is enough to take down an entire organization as it has done in the past. Organizations like TVF, Tehelka, and the Yoga studio majorly suffered due to incidences of sexual harassment in the organization. In fact, the Yoga Studio has to file for bankruptcy since the founder was unable to pay the settlement to the complainants.
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To encourage women to report sexual harassment, it is important for a company to conduct sensitization training to educate employees about sexual harassment.
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There are laws in place that protect women against workplace sexual harassment. Women need to fight workplace sexual harassment by standing up and filing reports against harassment.
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Working women in India endure an incident of sexual harassment every 42 minutes. Awareness about the PoSH law and its consequences can prevent the incidence of sexual harassment and create a better working environment for women.
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Cases of sexual harassment reported an increase of 45% from 371 in 2014 to 539 in 2017. Do not let your organization be one. Ensure PoSH compliance now.
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The #MeToo movement might prove to be a watershed moment in women’s struggle against exploitation and for greater equality in pay and opportunity.
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