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Safe Places to Work

A curated list of Safe Workplaces For Women


A nation-wide survey conceptualized by Rainmaker with a mission to foster a safe, inclusive and respectful workplace for all. We invite your esteemed organization to be a part of this mission.


The aim of the survey is to

  • Evaluate organizations in India, on the degree of safety & inclusiveness they provide their employees, especially female employees.
  • The survey would cover organizations from different sectors and geographies across the country, varying in strength and domains – with a minimum size of 500 employees.

The Need

  • Harassment, especially of women at the workplace, has been a major concern for organizations across the country.
  • While there have been legislations enacted to tackle this issue such as The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013, change has been slow.
  • According to the GoI, there has been a 54%[1] increase in the number of sexual harassment cases reported between 2014 and 2017 – around 2 cases reported every day in the country.

Survey Methodology

The survey will be conducted online, which the employees from your organization can access anonymously. Ideally, it will take 5-7 minutes to complete the survey. It will contain questions covering various aspects of organizational culture that ensure workplace safety.

The survey has been developed based on extensive research and previous experiments conducted on this subject in collaboration with independent subject matter experts(SME). It should be noted that these SMEs have discussed and approved the relevance of each question and also the scoring mechanism.

All this is to ensure an unbiased end result for the survey. We are currently reaching out to companies, evaluating their interest and shall share more details at a later stage.

How to Participate

1. Contact us through the form below.
2. We on-board your organization & share the survey process with a unique link.
3. Distribute the survey internally & get the collated, anonymized results.

Who is it For?

This survey is for organizations with:

1. A headcount of 500+
2. An ability to secure responses from at least 100 female employees (or 10% of the female workforce, whichever is higher).

Contact us to Participate

Survey Report

Rainmaker, on the basis of predetermined criteria, will rank the participating organizations. The Top 10 Safe Places to Work ranking shall be made public. If your organization is not in the Top 10, you shall receive a report (to be disclosed only to you) which will contain an overall score for your organization.

The comprehensive data will assist employers to develop strategies targeted at addressing sexual harassment at the workplace. In addition, we will provide organizations our support to develop more targeted interventions to prevent sexual harassment, meet their legal obligations and change the culture at the workplace.

The aim of the survey is to help you understand how safe your organization is for women. Later a study would be published to communicate the survey findings along with top 10 Safe Places to Work with insights on what makes them Safe. This report would highlight results that are of both statistical and have practical significance.

Why Participate?

Top 10 Safe Workplaces

Organizations that rank among the top 10 “Safe Places To Work” will be published and promoted through multiple marketing channels & media coverage.

All Organizations

Each participating organization will receive a confidential & comprehensive report of their employee’s survey responses. The report will also highlight the status of PoSH implementation or awareness among the employees along with the most common issues raised. This report will be complimentary & completely confidential.

All Participants

There is an immediate need to make our workplaces safer & gender balanced. A safe workplace ensures:

  • increased productivity
  • reduced absenteeism
  • a decreased turnover
  • an environment of trust
  • collaboration and cooperation amongst employees
  • increased employee and customer satisfaction

Expert Panel

Along with the Rainmaker Team


Dr. Helen Joseph (Ph.D.) started her career as a Programme Coordinator of the National Service Scheme Unit of the University of Mumbai. She joined the College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan as a faculty member, from where she retired as a professor. Currently, Dr. Joseph is President of AROEHAN and Chairperson of YUVA Urban Initiatives. She is an External Expert on several Medical Ethics committees and Member of the Internal Committee against Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace for several banks and educational institutions.


Vivek was the Head of HR for Asian Paints and its group companies including its international subsidiaries in 20 countries. He is also an avid blogger and his blog-posts are extensively read and popular on the subject. He now serves as an Independent Director on the board of MSL Driveline Systems Ltd.


Sandhya has a master’s degree in journalism from the Asian College of Journalism and is an independent journalist and writer. Sandhya has over 15 years of print journalism experience across national newspapers. She has been at the frontline of India’s #MeToo firestorm and has put massive efforts into amplifying the stories of women from all over India. She is actively working to create awareness about The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act, 2013, and, with the help of policymakers, refine it further.

Safer Workplaces - Our Vision


Antony Alex, CEO

Creating Safer Workplaces is a motto that all of us at Rainmaker live by.

There are many surveys that are conducted to gauge employee satisfaction levels and some even include a safe working spaces sub-set.  However, there isn’t a dedicated survey to gauge how safe women feel at the workplace.

On this International Women’s Day, and in our pursuit for greater safety for women at the workplace, we are pleased to launch the Safe Places to Work (SPTW) survey.  A survey designed exclusively to determine how safe women feel at the workplace.  We will work closely with CHROs / Heads of HR of organizations, over the next few weeks to roll out this survey across Indian corporates that will help them understand how safe their workplaces are. 

The top 10 corporates will be listed as the Safest Places to Work in India.  However, those who do not make it to the Top 10, need not worry. Their names and ranking will not be disclosed – rather, we will share a confidential report with them that they can use to understand their areas for improvement, improve their rankings and hopefully break into the Top 10, in 2020.

We look forward to working with all of you in our joint endeavor to create Safer Working Places.


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