Organizational Workshops

All Employee Awareness Workshop

This interactive workshop breaks down the PoSH Law for the participants, into simple and easily comprehensible parts.  Sprinkled with cases studies,  this workshop focuses on providing a fundamental understanding of the PoSH Law, that enables your organization to be compliant while creating a sensitized workforce.  The rights, duties and obligations of all parties are brought out very clearly and the consequences of non-compliance explained with examples and case studies.

Recommended Participation

All Employees

Duration :– 3 hours

Rainmaker Manager Sensitization

Manager Sensitization Workshop

This interactive workshop will provide the participants with an overview of the legal framework as well as organizational policies with respect to the Act that governs prevention of sexual harassment.  Further, managers are trained to address real-time issues of team escalations and identify best practices to ensure compliance with the law while ensuring business continuity.

Recommended Participation

People Managers

Duration :- 4 hours

Rainmaker IC Primer workshop

Internal Committee (IC) Primer Workshop

This is a foundation training program that provides IC members with a fundamental learning of the PoSH law. This workshop introduces the leadership and the members of the IC of the organization to the Indian anti-sexual harassment legislation.  The workshop will provide an overview of the legal framework as well as policies and processes associated with this subject. It will also provide the participants an insight into key behavioural aspects that impact such situations.

Recommended Participation

Members of the IC & Senior Management

Duration :- 8 hours

Rainmaker Internal committee investigations

Internal Committee (IC) Investigations Workshop

This workshop is only for those IC members who have already undergone the IC Primer workshop. This is an interactive workshop that focuses on capacity and skill building of the investigation processes for members of the IC. This workshop will provide the participants an in-depth understanding of the legal framework along with the working knowledge of processes and procedures that are associated with the functions of an IC.  Evidence appreciation,  guidelines on imposing punishment and order writing are some of the key aspects that are covered in this workshop. 

Recommended Participation

Members of the IC & Senior Management

Duration :- 8 hours


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