The WorkSafe e-learning training program provides an in-depth look into the law that governs Anti-Sexual Harassment in India. This course is spread across three video-based modules that depict the various aspects of the law with real-life situations that happen at the workplace and how your organization can take the right steps to deal with it, in a timely and appropriate manner.  It is a comprehensive module that also enables your organization to check the compliance box.

Rainmaker WorkSafe Plus

Worksafe Plus

The WorkSafe Plus e-learning modules takes a look at various scenarios within as well as outside the walls of the office that still constitute as ‘Workplace’ in the eyes of the law on Prevention of Sexual Harassment. Our three video based modules are stylish yet crisp & concise with an eye for detail on all aspects of the law including sensitisation and preparation of your leadership team as well as your Internal Committee to handle complaints as well as pointers for creating a gender neutral work environment. WorkSafe Plus is a concise primer on the law, that will enable your organization to check the compliance box.


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