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We are passionate about helping corporates create ethical and compliant workplaces. Our mission is to develop engaging and interactive training modules to transform boring compliance training into an engaging and interesting learning experience.  Our flagship solution WorkSafe, helps corporates comply with the PoSH law.


Over the years, our products have formed the bedrock of compliance training for India’s leading corporates. We have had the opportunity to be associated with Indian and multi-national corporates.

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Rainmaker is an online learning and content company focused on creating Ethical Workplaces.

Our mission is to train corporates and their workforce to create a safer workplace for women, that’s corruption free and with best corporate governance practices.


We help companies build a more ethical and compliant workforce.  Technology meets ‘short films’ – to create a memorable training experience. We believe in the transformative future of online learning and its ability to create widespread access to quality learning.


Our online learning offerings focus on high quality content created in-house, interactive assessment that is learning-focused, and continuous engagement with learners through a discussion forum and online workshops. Our virtual classroom tracks learners carefully to ensure learning objectives are achieved.  All this is done through our state-of-the art Learning Management System (“LMS”).

We also create bespoke training content for corporates, utilizing a team of Instructional Designers, covering a variety of subjects spanning Law, Compliance and Human Resources.  Our trainers have conducted workshops on a variety of topics, including in the APAC region.


WorkSafe, our anti-sexual harassment training solution, helps organizations comply with the Prevention Of Sexual Harassment law (PoSH) by training it’s entire workforce, management and members of the Internal Committee.


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